Showreel 2022
This is a project I've done in my spare time. I really wanted to challenge myself to make an epic nature scene. I thought about what could be fun to make. When I was brainstorming I remember a video Pwnisher has published recently called Dynamic Machines. When I had my concept finished I started to block out my scene and make a rough animation of the ball and the different elements.  After this, I started to fine-tune the animation of the ball and the camera. I knew that it will be impossible to make a real physics simulation of the ball colliding with the environment, so I decided to make a combination between a keyframe and a physics animation. When the animation is finalized, I started with the materials and after that the vegetation. I'm very proud of the outcome. Disclaimer, I've used assets from Quixel Bridge.
This is a fun composting exercise I've given myself. I realize that I was focusing too much on 3D the passed time. That's a good thing but I also want to stay trained in Adobe After Effects. So I've given myself the challenge to film a superhero landing all on my own with full 3d motion. This can be pretty complicated because when you move with the camera you can not stay in the shot as an actor. My solution was to film 3 separate takes, one of me moving the camera in 3D space and panning upward to the clouds, the second one on a  tripod panning downwards again, and the third one still with the tripod but then with me in the shot posing like a weird superhero. Afterward, I combined all the 3 shots in one big shot. And now, I can finally put all the energy beams, reflections, camera shake, lens dirt, motion blur, and glows into my footage. I've learned a lot and I'm happy with my end result.